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Experience and forward thinking.

ATS Maintenance. Automatic Transfer Switches are complicated important pieces of critical facility infrastructure. These complex devices are often overlooked by building engineers for required periodic maintenance. 

Bex Controls inc has the resources to keep your older GE Zenith, ASCO, Russ Electric and other ATS's operational well into the future.


We also have solutions for Controls upgrades as well as in housing replacements options.  

 As service partners with ABB/Zenith, our services have been utilized at critical, and sensitive sites throughout the Northeast US, and beyond.


Bex Controls Inc can take your business to the next level. 

We have the ability to evaluate weaknesses in your critical power system, and offer solutions to minimize down time, and costly equipment damage.


We can provide highly detailed preventive maintenance programs for your automatic transfer switches and switchgear.


Controls Upgrade on early Relay Logic Zenith Bypass Isolation ATS

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