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Some of the services we provide: Please contact us for additional information

Automatic Transfer Switch  and switch gear maintenance

Inspect for physical damage, anchoring and grounding. Inspect for water or foreign object damage. Check for proper bracing. Clean enclosure of debris, dust and foreign matter. Check mechanical lug tightness via use of infra-red or thermal detection. Check all insulators by visual and continuity methods. Check tightness of all control terminations. Record voltage phase to phase and phase to ground of energized source. Record voltage sensing relays. Record loss of utility timer. Record transfer to emergency timer. Record transfer to normal timer. Monitor proper operation of in-phase monitor. Record cool down timer.  Record voltage drops across main contacts. Record temperature of the current carrying conductors. Monitor proper operation of all accessories. 


Experience means that the job is done SAFELY and correctly the first time and EVERY time. Our service doesn't cost... It pays! Detailed and professional every time!

INew installations and refits

New Installations of automatic Transfer Switches including exsisting grear re-fits. This can be a complicated and difficult task. Our team of partner engineers and licensed electrical contractors ensure the proper job is done the first time. Don't delay, call today!

Thermal Imaging and reporting

Defective, loose, overloaded, and malfunctioning electrical system components can easily be identified through Infrared Thermal Imaging without the need for invasive investigations, service interruption, or disconnecting components. When electrical components are improperly installed or not maintained, overload and failure can result. Our technology can quickly identify problems before they develop into outages or become safety concerns. Equipment that benefits from thermal imagine scans are: Switch gear, breakers, automatic transfer switches, UPS systems, VFD's, MCC's, motors and pumps. 

When promptly corrected, a single discovered concern can recoup the cost of the inspection several times over through preventing unplanned down time and production loss!  

Emergency power system integration

Emergency Power Integration. We can help with the design, spec writing, and project management of your critical, and emergency standby power needs.

Solar integration

Grid Connected or off grid solar integration. Ask how we can help!

Site support at any location

From NY to California, Canada to the Carribean. We are ready to respond to your critical power needs!

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